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The Urban Shave Haircuts begin with an optional welcome drink, hot towel and scalp massage. Then, we carefully listen to the requested style, followed with a quality haircut using top shelf clippers, scissors and combs followed with optional nose and ear waxing. Master Barbers then demonstrate optional product to achieve the requested look.

Hot Shave

Hot Shaves begin by reclining in our ultra-premium barber chairs for the application of several eucalyptus infused hot towels and pre-shave oil to prepare the skin. Rich Knightsbridge moisturizing shaving lather is luxuriously applied to the face Turkish Style with Edwin Jagger Brushes. The Barber then shaves with two fresh straight edge Astra blades, followed with more fresh hot towels and another optional drink. Finally two ice-cold towels are applied to close the pores. The finishing touch is soothing Layrite Deluxe after-shave balm massaged into the face followed with optional nose and ear waxing.

Beard Trim

Utilizing Wahl Clippers, a fine comb, and scissors, beards are groomed to the Customer's desired length, shape and thickness. Beard Trims are finished with a hot eucalyptus towel treatment followed with optional nose and ear waxing and Drink.

Zero Fade

One of our most amazing haircuts for Men and Women. A skilled Barber cuts the hair short on the sides and back and blends the hair long on the top. Finished with an optional Scalp Massage.

Buzz cut

The softest Buzz Cut in Calgary is completed with a Wahl Shaver, Hot Eucalyptus neck towel and optional Scalp Massage.

Long Hair

This amazing service begins with an optional wash using quality Shampoo and Conditioner. A Master Barber then sections the hair and carefully completes the custom vision. The cut is finished by showing recommended product applications from an assortment of popular and natural hair products.

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Whether you need a basic haircut, a buzzcut, a hair design, or a skin zero fade, The Urban Shave has you covered for all cuts, and all styles.


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We've been cutting hair and serving the community since 2005, we've become 'The Urban Shave'. We offer the same quality services as always, without compromise.

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